Bokura ga Ita Review (A dose of Shoujo-Romance series)

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It's been awhile since the last time I watched a shoujo-romansuu series. I've been drowned with all the shounen, sports and crime solving series lately. So, yeah, I decided to watch Bokura ga Ita. When I filtered by genre on my anime downloading application (Animania: it's a good app but it’s not perfect) from shoujo and romance and If I remembered it right, it was part of the top ten, so I decided to give it a try.

It wasn't really my first time to hear about the series. I knew from the start that it was a manga series but I never had the chance to read it because I thought it wasn't good enough. Ah, why did I judged a manga by its summary. I am the type who would read all types of manga and I don’t know why I miss this or maybe I miss a lot more. Got to catch up, Vianna!


So, my rating for this series is 8/10.

Bokura ga Ita means We Were There. 

I don't know where but they were there. Nah, I'm just derping again. I can't explain so much about the title here, I may write longer than this.

Nanami Takahashi, Yano Motoharu, Takeuchi and Yamamoto were the Main characters. But the story basically revolves around the first two I have mentioned.

For me, it wasn't the typical boy meets girl type. I think the story has a deeper meaning to it. It’s all about relationship and tackles the issue of trust and betrayal which is a very complex topic (or am I just overreacting. Haha.) It is not just about the rainbow, fuwa-fuwa and kirakira feels on entering a romantic relationship.

It also tackles the hard to understand feelings of a girl/woman. (In a perspective of the opposite sex) How a girl complicate some simple things because sometimes their emotions and mind mixed up together. Yeah, sometimes girls’ emotions are unstable. (Not based on my experience but this is what I have observed in the series)

But, nonetheless, it is about young love and how they manage to overcome all the problems, the scars in the past, making their bond strong. Making serious decisions not only for the both of them, but for the benefit of everyone.

I may be  more or less a decade late on this series but one thing that is sure, this is worth watching and reading.

Kudos to the mangaka-sensei! The characters are awesome, as well as the story and plot.

The opening, ending songs and the OST's were the best. It really fits the series and pleasant to the ears. 

The animation is so cool too. There's a particular distinct feature of the series for me, the not showing the half of the character's face at the end of an important scene. It's sugoiii.

The last episode is heartbreaking. It left me hanging and it feels like someone just squished my kokoro. But it's a kanpeki ending for me. It gives you a feeling of wanting more and you have no other choice but to read the manga itself. 

I've search that the anime series ended on Chapter 31, I forgot the volume. I am planning on reading it soon. It has a Live Action Movie last 2012 and I think it continues from where the anime left off. 

Wish my heart a good luck because I'm guessing that the manga would be one hell of a feels trip again...